- shiver -

i'm not like them, but i can pretend.


                                                   I want a night
                                                       with you.
                                                   I want to close
                                                     the curtains.
                                                I want to lay in bed
                                              and feel you breathing.
                                               I want the only noise
                                                   to be my inhale
                                              replying to your exhale.
                                           I want to trace my fingers
                                           along every line and curve
                                                    of your back.
                                            I want to feel your face
                                              buried into my neck.
                                              I want to lay like this
                                              and feel every worry
                                          the same way that I melt
                                              when I am with you. 


We cared and loved each other .
I’m happy that we are together final again. I lob u


do you remember when you were a kid and the doorbell rang you would run and see who it was, now i just run to my room instead


i’m actually very pretty if you close your eyes


Salirai le scale, aprirai la mia porta e senza dirmi nulla mi prenderai fra le braccia e mi bacerai.

Lo so che sembra sciocco. Ma mi piacerebbe succedesse davvero.

Alessandro Baricco (via mariofiorerosso)

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you have no proof that i am not at least one of the members of daft punk